What is community?? We are called to community, but what is it? I remember learning about the early church and that is was so dramatically different that the rest of the people of the time that it stood out. Tim Keller in one of his sermon said this: Julian, the last Roman emperor, tried to revive […]

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House of Peace

Today we made it back to the home!!!!!! This is my third time visiting this place and I feel tremendously blessed. This place is so different than anywhere else I have been in India. It is a quiet place tucked at the end of a windy road and it is one of my favourite places […]

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Last night we visited the Hindu holy city of Varinasi. A city that has written history dating back 4000 years it is considered one of the oldest cities in the world. It is the religious center of Hinduism. It was explained to us that one of the oldest temples to the lord shiva resides within […]

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It is good to be back!!!!! The more time I spend in this country the more I appreciate it. A beautiful place full of fantastic people that love to talk. I am always struck by the sense of community here. At home we can live isolated lives. We live in our houses, go to our […]

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KCS Mission’s Fundraising

KCS exists to make disciples of Jesus and we strive to create unique experiences for students to walk into and explore what being a disciple looks like within their own lives.  We are committed to developing attitudes of servanthood and the skills of Christian leadership within those experiences. One way that we aim at doing […]

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