When here in India perspective is an interesting thing. Being tourists in the country we stay in hotels. The prices are reasonable and from the outside they look very nice. Once you get inside it still appears very good but in Hindi there is no word for maintenance. They simply don’t do it. So as […]

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The Church

The circle was formed.  Our hands joined together.  The people,clasping one another’s hands, were a mix of ages, interests, backgrounds, and nationalities.  Last night we hand a chance to worship, share, and pray together before ending our night by forming a large circle and praying.  Although we were different in many ways it was clear […]

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Blue Haven

As I write this we are spending our last day at the Blue Haven School. Tomorrow we move on to Varanasi. It has been an incredible experience. The school was opened in 2016 by our friend Ricky and her husband Alok. The idea of the school was birthed from a need to find a way […]

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Kingdom Worker

The Kingdom of God is right in front of us eclipsed only by our own kingdoms built of arrogant, selfish, and violent desires.  It is a Kingdom that can attempt to look like His but upon closer inspection proves to be an imposter.   I have seen the clash of these two Kingdoms today set […]

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Kingdom Work

Today we started our work with the Blue Haven school outside Lucknow. It is a place Ian and I visited this summer when we came to India. The story of this place is a story of love, sacrifice and faith of one of our friends, a woman named Ricky. Ricky grew up in one of […]

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Please pray for our team as we prepare to leave.  Pray that our hearts and minds will be made ready for what we are about to see and experience.  Pray for the people we will meet in India and the people we leave here in Canada.  Pray that this experience will be meaningful and that we […]

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