What now????

We are on a plane from Toronto to Kelowna.  Our trip is hours from being over.  We left our hotel in the mountains about 42 hours ago.  The time has allowed for reflection.  A friend of mine once told me one of the biggest failings of the education system is a lack of time for […]

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Respite in the Mountains

The last few days we have been at the home.  It is place unlike any other I have been to in India, a place of peace and joy.  The difference is drastic and beautiful.  Laughter, play and music are all hallmarks of this place.  A place where love is evident and intentional. It is such […]

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Window into India

The past couple of days have given us a window into the Indian culture.  We have travelled long hours on Indian trains, survived hours of Indian buses and even managed an in country Indian flight.  We have spent time learning about the country history, learned about its religion and even rode a camel!!!!!  As I […]

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Yesterday we travelled from Delhi to Jaisalmer.  We started on the train as tourists and saw the Taj in Agra.  It’s beauty is stunning no matter how many times you have seen it. We followed the Taj with a 6 hour bus ride to Jaipur, the pink city.  From there we caught a night train […]

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We are here!!!!  The first day of any trip is always exciting.  The anticipation of the things you will see and the fulfillment of the longs months of planning are so real on the first day. All the hard work that it takes to get here is in the past and the trip seems to […]

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This past weekend our team was at KGF and Mike Penninga asked us why we were going to India.  In the moment both Ian and I gave what I hoped were good answers.  We believe in KCS’s mission of growing disciples of Jesus Christ, who glorify God through a life of service to Him and […]

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Please pray for our team as we prepare to leave.  Pray that our hearts and minds will be made ready for what we are about to see and experience.  Pray for the people we will meet in India and the people we leave here in Canada.  Pray that this experience will be meaningful and that we […]

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